ARKYO International supplies and stores your products enabling your company to reduce inventory and increase cash flow.

We see clients as partners

ARKYO International was established in 2014 to serve as an alternative for industrial companies to save money and work together in material handling. Its founders, Yohayra Oquendo and Arkel Fernández have over 20 years of experience serving industrial and traditional bakery, and pastry markets. This vast experience has been key for the success of ARKYO and the clients supported by them. The willingness to accommodate customer requests outside the traditional scope in one of ARKYO’s strongest assets. Becoming personalized suppliers for each of their customers is ARKYO’s main objective.

  •  We buy directly from manufacturers.
  •  We buy the product for you.
  •  We take special orders outside our main scope.

We determine appropriate lead times and develop a purchasing strategy to schedule your future purchases efficiently with the objective of reducing your inventory.


We work with

Some of our ongoing Puerto Rico and United States customers are: